Sleeping with Books No. 7: Skippy Dies (And So Do I!)

December 25, 2010


Throughout best books 2010 deliberations at my job, two words haunted me: SKIPPY DIES. While I dove headfirst into Franzen, Skloot, and the other short-list heavyweights, librarians on Twitter were word-of-mouthing the shit out of Paul Murray’s second novel about life at a private Catholic boys’ school in Dublin, Ireland. Having read and liked Murray’s […]

“Don’t Forget You’re Alive”: Joe Strummer and The Making of Chloe Thorpe

December 22, 2010


A couple weeks ago, the Internet dazzled me yet again with its connecting powers. Sitting there on my Author Page was a comment from one Chloe Thorpe of England: Heya, I just found your blog and I am completely blown away. I’m in my second year of university with aspirations of writing anything musical related […]

Songs That Are Books That Like Books To Be Songs: More Thoughts on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Novel

December 17, 2010


Back in October, I wrote a post titled “Your Band Will Never Be My Life, So I Write Fiction, Assface*” about the incredible difficulty of capturing the transportive qualities of rock music in a novel. It sparked a super-fan-kid conversation in the Comments with my librarian Toby Greenwalt, who wondered, “[A]re there any pieces of music that […]

Sleeping with Books No. 6: KEEF!

December 15, 2010


I’d never been much of a Stones girl, really. The Hot Rocks compilation everyone had in college always satisfied my occasional urges for Sixties fuzz guitar and machoism. There was something special about Keith Richards’s playing and Mick Jagger’s lyrics, but at the same time, they chilled me in a way. Their obsession with American […]

Sleeping with Books No. 5 (iPad Edition)

December 8, 2010


I’m breaking a rule of this series–pulp only. But I couldn’t resist when my friend Justin sent me this shot of his wife, Haley, and son, Finn, snoozing away, for reals, next to that ghostly glowing iPad. “Do Adorable Families Dream of Electric Jobs?” is the caption that comes to mind. As for me, I […]

Revision Incisions: Editing Your Novel Without Bleeding

December 6, 2010


November: the month my head was full of dull gray noise. The inevitable result of soaking up too many sights and sounds in London and not having the time to process and put them into proper containers. In which I attended the National Book Awards and watched a personal hero, Patti Smith, take home the […]

Sleeping with Books No. 4

December 1, 2010


If you were a dude, your first time would likely be with a graphic novel. Many thanks to Marlo, one of my dearest Twitter pals and a book devourer extraordinaire, for being the first man to contribute to Sleeping with Books. This is what he had to say about his cuddle mate, All-Star Superman, which […]