Sleeping with Books No. 10 (Special European Edition): Parisians

Posted on April 2, 2011


It’s all Europe’s fault that I’ve neglected my blog. Work, Life, and novel editing aside, planning a Brussels-Roosendahl-Paris-London itinerary with my sister Erin—who took this shot with her hot-off-the-ship Fuji Fine Pix F550EXR—ate serious hours. Seven months later, here we are on the other side of The Pond about to close leg two, on a night that promises to be balmier than the day (they can’t open the doors of the ABBA disco because it’s in a residential ‘hood).

Needless to say, a nap was essential pre-mirrorball-light basking (we leave in 20 minutes!). I drifted off with Graham Robb’s Parisians, new in paperback and softer to the touch than my Dutch sheets. I’m only 83 pages in, but it’s safe to dub this a thriller wrapped in literary nonfiction clothing. Robb, known for his biographies of French legends Balzac, Rimbaud, and Hugo, aims to titillate the most developed parts of your cerebellum, and it’s working.

It will be difficult to put it down as we roll into the Gare du Nord tomorrow.

A book best read in spare Northern European hotel rooms, followed by a mid-afternoon nap