Sleeping with Books No. 1

Posted on November 10, 2010


Hello, hallo, hellu, fair citizens of the blogosphere. Apologies for the extended radio silence. I’m back from a whirly-windy trip to London with two brains’ worth of ideas and too few cradles to birth them. It dawned on me this morning that I might as well start simple: a recurring photo-based blog series that communicates my love for the tactile nature of print books.

I’m calling it, well, “Sleeping with Books” because as anyone who has visited my Brooklyn hovel will tell you, there’s pulp all over my pillows and duvet. When I fall asleep, it’s with a book on my forehead. Confession: my cat, the elegant Miss Cleopatra Vesper McCormack (seen luxuriating in the windowsill), sleeps on them. They are her pillows and dream-inducers.

We’re quite the dysfunctional little family.

To the point: the star of this inaugural photo is the graphic novel Tunes: A Comic Book History of Rock and Roll, edited by Vincent Brunner.  I love it because it quite literally animates music fandom; there’s even a chapter on my favorite boys from Camden Town. So there you have it. The first of many—and some to come from you, I hope, I hope.